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(Veteran Owned Company)

I have worked in this field for over 20 year with 12 of those years serving in the Army as a combat engineer. Much of the military projects consisted of airport, helicopter pads, and road construction. Due to the experience I attribute to the Army, I only hire those who are connected to the military.

Vets Driveway Co is a company that uses techniques to make your driveway look much better than before.  We wish it was a 100% fix, but unless a complete driveway replacement is executed, you will have some imperfections from the alternative repairs.   However, with our techniques, we guarantee at least 80% improvement. Each product will vary in cost, but the most significant factor is the square footage of the operation. We don't want to mislead anyone, so it is important that you read the entire website to understand the product you choose, the procedure of that product, and the associated warranty rules.  See below for basic descriptions of the services we provide.


Regardless of the product you choose,  preventative maintenance is key to a long-lasting driveway.  A sealant can protect the exterior surfaces from the wear of various weather conditions. The cost of a power wash and seal coat treatment is far less than the cost to repair and/or replace the surface. The table below describes frequency of sealant reapplication depending on the surface material.

 Frequency (years)

Dye & Stencils

Existing concrete can be altered from its dull appearance of grey slab to being dye with bright colors or painted with stencil for unique design.  Some concrete surfaces that are cracked and damaged can be be patched and covered with this alternative form of appearance.  Click here for more details


Exterior surfaces are repaired, and then, depending on the surface can be covered up as if there was never an issue to begin with.  There are certain repairs that we are prepared to take on.  Click here for more details.

New Construction 

We can manage about any type of construction.  There are pros and cons for having different types of surfaces, whether that be a parking lot, driveway, porch, patio or walkway.  We also do foundation work.  Click here for more details       OR Click here

Rehab  Construction  (Interior & Exterior)

We primarily only operate in the winter months, but for larger jobs we can make other arrangements. One of our team members came from the well-known home builder company of McBride & Sons. Keith is our specialist in this field after 10 years with McBride & Sons. Along with rehabilitation, we can also construct foundations and garage buildings.

Hard-Scape  Projects

Retaining Walls 



Japanese Gardens

Click here for more Hardscape Projects including Paver patios and driveways. 

SWIMMING POOLS: Concrete / Vinyl Liner / Fiberglass / Natural.

Pools average between $20,000 - 50,000 depending on width, length and maximum depth, and the style of pool that you are wanting. Pools with waterfalls, lighting, heated along with concrete flat work can increase the prices beyond $50,000.  The more economical pools which are become popular are Natural Pools.   For more information about all our pools CLICK HERE

Fall out Shelter:  Survival to end.  With our currently President and North Korean, not to mention all the other counties who hates America.   A major war on American soil is more likely now than during the cold war.  Shelters which are placed under ground that are self efficient to protect you for any nuclear radiation.   Turn keys units start at $20,000.

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Metal shooting targets, special made to deflect the bullet fragments into the ground.  Extremely durable and hand made in St.Louis Mo.  Starting Prices of $60 per set up.  $20 for Postage or free pick up.   We also provide firearms training for beginners and tactical firearms training for immediate or better.  

Out door gun range construction, only for rural residence with efficient amount of land with minimum 1 acre. 

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Carter is the owner of Vets Driveway Co.  


 Desert Storm & Iraqi Freedom 

555th Fort Lewis


35th Fort Leonard Wood