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With over 20 years of experience, which 12 of those year was serving in the Army as a combat engineer. Military projects consisting of airport, helicopter pads, and road construction.  I only hire those who are connected to the military.  

Asphalt, Concrete, Aggregate Concrete and Brick.  If you have a driveway, patio, or walkway.  You should do a seal coat to protect them from the extreme weather that can take a tole on these surfaces.  The cost of a power wash and seal coat treatment is a lot far less than the cost to repair and/or replace.  

Asphalt (vehicle traffic) seal coat every other year. 

Asphalt (foot traffic only) seal coat every 4 years

Concrete including brick (vehicle traffic) seal coat every 3 years

Concrete (foot traffic only) every 5 years. 

Existing Concrete can be alternated from is dull appearance of grey slab of concrete to being dye with bright colors or painted with stencil giving an unique show of art work.    Some concrete surfaces that are cracked and damage can be be patched then covered with this alternative format of appearance.  Click here for more details

Repairs ( Asphalt, Concrete, Aggregate Concrete and Brick)

Repairs can be made and then determining on the surface can be covered up never know that there was an issue to begin with.  There are kinds of repairs that we are trained to handle.  Click here for more details.

New Construction ( Asphalt, Concrete, Aggregate Concrete and Brick)

We can manage about any type of construction.  There are pro's and con's for having different types of surfaces, rather that be a parking lot, driveway, porch, patio or walkway.  We also do foundation work.  Click here for more details       OR Click here

REHAB (Interior & exterior) construction.

We primary only do operations in the winter months, but for larger jobs can make those arrangements during warmer months.   We use our sister company aka Carter Construction Contractor LLC  that works directly with other subcontract contractors depending on the scope of the project. 

Hard-scape  Projects

Retaining Walls 



Japanese Gardens

Click here for more Hardscape Projects including Paver patios and driveways. 

Vets Driveway Co is a primarily a company that in the use of techniques of making your Driveway look a lot better than before.  We wish it was a 100% fix, but other than the purchase of a New Asphalt, Concrete or Brick driveway, you will have some imperfections of using alternative ways of making improvements to your driveway.  We will tell customers that it will be 80% improvement.  Many factors can play effect depending on what product you decide to you use.  It most cases is based on the cost per sq footage.   You get what you pay for, and this applies here.   We don't want to miss lead anyone, so it is important that you read the entire website to understand what product you decide to pick, the procedure on how that product is applied, warranty rules, and pivoting.  

The best way to protect your driveway before needing to use alternative measure to make your driveway more appealing is to prevent it from coming this way.   St. Louis Metro weather is very humid in the summer, and from time to time have flooding issues.   Our winters are not that bad, but use of any salts can cause damages if driveways that are not treated.   Maintaining your driveway is very important in keeping the your investment protected.   Asphalt should be sealed every other year, and Concrete or Brick should be sealed every 3 years. Otherwise you will experience imperfections that will result in chipping, cracks, fading,  and potholes.  Ask anyone the cost to replace a driveway St.Louis / Midwest Avg is $5 - 8 a sq ft. Maintaining methods are not fix.  They are to help prevent issue from arising. If you already have problems, your are just prolonging the issue, resulting in a replacement or alternative repair. 

There is nothing in Vets Driveway Co products that all out repair.  Simple we use alternative methods that will hide your driveway infractions.   It's an alternative to replacement. We are covering up the infractions with a product, that might need maintenance it self.  

Vets Driveway best alternative product is Chip N Seal 




Serving All of Missouri.  Jobs of any size (St.Louis / St.Louis County & St.Charles County)  

Only large jobs outside of these areas, minimum $750.00

Will be serving the Florida Panhandle (100 mile radius) Destin Florida (winters months only) large jobs on, minimum $900.00