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All warranties are limited.  

All warranties are limited.  This means that the product if not a Vets Driveway Product warranty is cover under the manufacturer.  The labor to install is not cover under the warranty.  So any repairs due to manufacturer failures the labor must be compensated for any addition repairs of existing jobs under the warranty provided. 

If you have chosen one of the Vets Driveway Co patented products under there warranty will include labor to areas only affected to the repair.  

To find out what kind of warranty is for your project, they are listed on those webpages where the product is listed and described.  They also state what you can and can not do.  Restrictions and procedure after the project is completed.   

This page is to inform you on how you can loose your warranty.  

The following is not covered under any warranty or the ability to loose your warranty which is provided by Vets Driveway Co.

1:  Any commercial vehicles from Trucks o f 1/2 ton or greater (other than customer vehicles), from delivery vehicles and maintenance vehicles of any kind. 

2:  Man-made like errors caused of damages to the driveway. Pivoting is biggest issue.  

3: Mother nature of disasters that the National Weather Report considers a disaster, such as tornadoes, flooding, and earth quakes.

4:  Pivoting of tires from personal vehicles.  This is when the customer or guest, will turn the steering wheel in place on the driveway.  The traction digs into the driveway causing the materials to weaken.  Although from normal necessary situations, VETS will come out and make repairs 2 weeks after job was completed and fix this issue, you must notified that repairs are needed.  Any issue in the future there after will require an additional fee.   Make sure your lawn service understands to not pivot on the driveway, as this is not covered. 

5: Careless use of start, stop and any other motions of the vehicle that would cause damages to the driveway.

6.  Snow Removal.  If commercial trucks are used, nothing bigger than a 1/2 ton and blades must be raised above the driveway by 1 inch.  Salt must be chemical salt  by Prestone - Driveway Heat, which is a concentrated ice melter or similar product.  Rock Salt can be tracked onto your driveway from streets surrounding it.  Best to power wash your driveway every Spring to be 100 sure you do not have any on your driveway. See that warranty is provided as it will state not harmful to asphalt driveways.  Although rock salt will damage driveways we can repair following season, but the use of chemical salt will not be covered under warranty. 

7: The use of any non-Vets Driveway Co services or materials without the consent of Vets Driveway Co, is used anywhere on the driveway will void the warranty for entire driveway. 

8: Failure to follow the guidelines of immediate use after applying product, such as driving, walking, riding bikes, parking, animal and any other traffic during drying and curing time.  

9: Hydro-pressure, when water rises into the project causing improper drying and curing.  The Shifting of earth which can lead to cracks.  The ground is being moved due to tree roots, underground natural streams, etc.  This is consider an act of nature, and is not covered. 

10.  Customer must contact main number of any errors within 72 hours.  After 72 hours if it was covered under warranty, is no longer covered.  Why? Because it could of been something easy to fix, now you let the error go on for weeks, maybe even months and now the problem is larger than before. 

11: All warranties are voided if agreed compensation for the project is not for filled.   Even if legal action is required and Vets Driveway Co is awarded loss compensation, your contract is voided of all warranties.   We do not want any of our service to end up in  court, so we are very customer oriented, and will do our best to make the situation where the customer is satisfied.  

12: Customer files a unwarranted complaint with BBB or Attorney General Offices.  We have had 2 of these customers who both violated the terms and conditions of the application of products, unknown to us was a failure in product from the manufacturer, but we still do best to fix the situation, and behind our backs filled false complaints.  Keep in mind out of 2,500 customers, only 2 complaints.  We no longer use the product that lead to these complaints.  We had 4 other customer that we used the same product and we replaced with another product.  Some of those customers I use currently for references. 

13: If project is halted or, is not completed by customer doing, full payment is due, even if we do not complete the project.  Halting the project disrupts the process, and allows areas that may need additional attention could become worse by elements of weather.   It is best to allow us to complete the project first. 

14: Liquid Asphalt or New construction require seal coats after the project is complete to keep warranty in place.   New construction is required within the first year, then a follow up on after 3 years of the project.  Liquid Asphalt is an annual seal coat.   Failure to follow these procedures will end the warranty all together, if  by a few months of delaying the process. 


Breach of Contract or situations where Vets Driveway Co llc is not liable. 

Rain in St.Louis! In no way is Vets Driveway Co LLC reliable for delays that are effected by weather.  Most projects require the area to completely dry.  So if it rains, not only is your job that is now delay, so is another customers, or more  Therefore getting to your job may take even longer.  If you property holds water therefore will take even longer.  It's the customer responsibility to make efforts to keep the water off the project.  Either by covering with tarps or having water pumps.  It is an additional cost if we provided these services as it inconvenience for us to babysit your property.  $250 for plastic cover, $50 daily pump rental, $150 each time we have to come out to remove tarps for project to dry, or to cover because of rain.  This is logged by each day it rains on the St.Louis forecast of more than 30% chance of rain. This amount has to be paid prior to completion of project.  Failure to pay is a breach of contract and services will remain on hold, and providing weather protection will stop. 

Permits,  getting a permit normally is not an issue.  That's normally..  But certain city governments like City of St.Louis, Creve Couer and Kirkwood seem to have it out for contractors.  The run around and requirements makes it impossible for small biz contractors to operate without additional cost and huge delays.  These cities and possible others, Vets Driveway Co is not liable for.  In most cases if approval can not be reached, the customer can try to obtain the permit.  We will not do a job without the proper permit, if a permit is required.  This not a necessary a breach of contract but efforts was attempted by us.  In most cases will refund 75% of your deposit back if not true cost were obtained. 

Time Limit:  We do not put down when a job will be completed.  We have goals, but with unforeseen issues we are not liable for a completion date.  If you expectations was for a date that was sooner than the actual completion date or that fact your job is completed yet, we are not liable for those delays.  Be a sure we want to finish your job.  We are here to make money, not communicate with you multiple time about the weather, permit issues or other reason why your job is not going as planned.   We make our money in volume, plus we know if we do a good & fast job that you will refer us out to others.   

Customer Delays.  I do not live with you, nor do I live down the street.  If there is an issue going on that would prevent us from working that day, then you need to notify this company 12 hours in advance, even if that's 2 am in the morning.  Otherwise every hour that we have to wait for whatever reason is $100 per hour.  If we have rented equipment then it the pro-rate of that equipment per hour plus $100.  If rental equipment has to be returned then the full cost plus The hourly $100 plus pick up and drop off fee of $100. Those fees are due that day.  Otherwise service will be on hold until payment is made. 

Example a bobcat is $250 for 4 hours.  WE get to your home ready to work, and there is a car parked in the driveway,  We are redoing your driveway.  No one is home, and every number we call goes to voice mail.  We wait for 4 hours with no luck.  You charged $250 + $400 + $100 = $750 

RUITS:  This is caused by a bobcat or any equipment with tire or trek wheel base with equipment over 2000 lbs.  We do not operate equipment on property that will cause such damages.  Only after a customer has given the okay and is away of what could happen if we operate on the ground that maybe still wet.  Either a verbal or text message require customer acknowledgement that damages to land my occur and that we are not responsible for repairs.  

Sub Contractors:  We have subcontractors.  We require them to have insurance.  We have additional insurance that covers sub contractors.    Dealing with Contractors is headache within it self.   As soon as you Aguirre  a contract there willingness and excitement turns to  lazy and extremely bad communicators.   This company communication between us and you the customer is extremely good.   Sometimes I do not have the answers as I waiting on a contractor.  Vets Driveway Co LLC is not reliable for contractors delays or mistakes.  

Driveways:  Some jobs you the customer are trying to save a buck, like only repair half the driveway.  The concrete or asphalt trucks still need to be able to get to the project.  These means 20 ton vehicles might need to roll over your driveway.  We are not responsible for those new damages that will likely occur.  To prevent these cost bobcat cost can be added with the additional man power to move product to location.   I most cases it best to just do the entire driveway as one project. 

Dig Rite:  We notified dig rite on all jobs.   If there are any unknown underground sources we are not responsible for.  Also cable companies cable lines we are not responsible for.