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All warranties are limited.  All warranties are voided if agreed compensation for the project is not for filled.   Even if legal action is required and Vets Driveway Co is awarded loss compensation, your contract is voided of all warranties.   We do not want any of our service to end up in  court, so we are very customer oriented, and will do our best to make the situation where the customer is satisfied.  Warranty are from one year to lifetime limited.

There are different type of Warranties that cover all projects from Vets Driveway Co.  They are to help keep your mind at ease that we will do the best job possible, and that our workmanship will hold up to what we say.   Never the less their are just some issue we do not allow to be covered by the warranties.   The following list of the possible issue that the customer would be liable for.

The following is not covered under any warranty provided by Vets Driveway Co.

1:  Any commercial vehicles from Trucks o f 1/2 ton or greater (other than customer vehicles), from delivery vehicles and maintenance vehicles of any kind. 

2:  Man-made like errors caused of damages to the driveway. Pivoting is biggest issue. 

3: Mother nature of disasters that the National Weather Report considers a disaster, such as tornadoes, flooding, and earth quakes.

4:  Pivoting of tires from personal vehicles.  This is when the customer or guest, will turn the steering wheel in place on the driveway.  The traction digs into the driveway causing the materials to weaken.  Although from normal necessary situations, VETS will come out and make repairs 2 weeks after job was completed and fix this issue, you must notified that repairs are needed.  Any issue in the future there after will require an additional fee.   Make sure your lawn service understands to not pivot on the driveway, as this is not covered. 

5: Careless use of start, stop and any other motions of the vehicle that would cause damages to the driveway.

6.  Snow Removal.  If commercial trucks are used, nothing bigger than a 1/2 ton and blades must be raised above the driveway by 1 inch.  Salt must be chemical salt  by Prestone - Driveway Heat, which is a concentrated ice melter or similar product.  Rock Salt can be tracked onto your driveway from streets surrounding it.  Best to power wash your driveway every Spring to be 100 sure you do not have any on your driveway. See that warranty is provided as it will state not harmful to asphalt driveways.  Although rock salt will damage driveways we can repair following season, but the use of chemical salt will not be covered under warranty. 

7: The use of any non-Vets Driveway Co services or materials without the consent of Vets Driveway Co, is used anywhere on the driveway will void the warranty for entire driveway. 

8: Failure to follow the guidelines of immediate use after applying product, such as driving, walking, riding bikes, animal and any other traffic during drying and curing time.  All procedures are required to have a Finnish product to be warrantied.  Therefor for any reason why the project is halted or not completed by customer, full payment is due, even if we do not complete the project.  Halting the project disrupts the process, and allows areas that may need additional attention could become worse by elements of weather.   It is best to allow us to complete the project first. 

9: Shifting of earth which can lead to cracks.  The ground is being moved due to tree roots, underground natural streams, etc.  This is consider an act of nature, and is not covered. 

10.  Customer must contact main number of any errors within 72 hours.  After 72 hours if it was covered under warranty, is no longer covered.  Why? Because it could of been something easy to fix, now you let the error go on for weeks, and now the problem is larger than before. 


How to avoid all the above issue is to be a life time warranty customer.   Other than #3
& #8, and failure to pay, the rest can be covered by being a lifetime customer = Lifetime warranty.  Lifetime customer must purchase services of seal coating in some fashion.  Regardless of what service you originally obtain from us, as long as we provide 1 seal-coat annually, we will make any corrections to existing problems without additional cost.  This includes, pot holes, cracks, and projects like Rock Solid, Chip n Seal and 2 inch overlay. Rock Solid & Chip n Seal can be sealed with a clear coat, that ensures the bonding and will give driveway its cooler back.  These should be done no longer that every 3 years. 


1 & 2 Year warranty are normal given to Mac 52 Straight seal coat customers.   1 Coat = 1 year warranty, and 2 coats =  year warranty.  This covers old cracks, and fading of sealer.  Sealer will fade close the time the driveway will need to be sealed again, normal 2-4 months and is not covered.   +


You are given a 2 year warranty.  This covers all cracks, and fading.  Normal fading is after 20 months of the project, and thereafter is not covered.  Now we recommend that you become a seal coat customer there after, including the following year doing a seal coat, and every year there after.  This extends the life of the warranty to a possible lifetime.  Requires annually seal-coats.


You are given a 4 year warranty.  This is a 2 coat process of slurry (silicone sand) mixed with mac 52 sealer.  Same as in all cracks are warranty as the process of the service.  Fading will occur around the 45 months and is not covered there after.


This is the longest warranty of 5 years, provided without additional services, but not every driveway is capable of this services.   Liquid asphalt might be required  before applied.  Normal rubberized driveways are with little to no cracks, and has been seal coated within the last 3 years.  It requires a longer drying time than normal application.


Crack fill is normal a part of the price giving for a project, but some situation you as the customer my want to request liquid asphalt crack fill.  This has a longer extended warranty than just that of normal crack fill.  Ideally for those who are just getting a normal seal coat or slurry.  The liquid asphalt crack fill has a 4 year warranty, 5 years if you are doing a rubberized seal coat.

Rock Solid Driveway Grit 

carries a 10 year warranty


ets Driveway Grit carries a 5 year warranty

Repairs not cover under the warranty.  $25 per man hour + materials.  If job is small and we have materials left over from another job, you will not be charged.  Mileage fee of .55 cents per mile only take affect after 50 miles from 63141.