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E-Z Street is very good product.  I have personal used in on several jobs including small overlays.  The best is that there is no rush and you can use it year round in any weather conditions.  We buy the product at a bulk rate. So the savings we pass down to you, plus no tax.  

You can buy this in 35 lbs bags for $13 at the store.  

EZ Street compared to what you can buy at the sealer plant or box store.  I used to get the stuff at Home Depot and products at McConnell's, but if I did use with next 30 days it would get hard in the sealed bag.  Finally a product that is easy to work with no matter how long it sits until being used. EZ Street stays the same consistence and it can be set out side in an open container and last.   The product is stored outside at the plant as seen above, in all weather conditions and never becomes hard, until you tamp into place.   Plus those bought products are $11 or more with tax at 50 lbs. 

We start at 60 lbs at $11 but you must supply the buckets.  Order more than 10 buckets at one deliver, then $10 per bucket.  We will bring it to you and  fill up your buckets.  Sometime we will have them in buckets already, you just have your buckets ready for swap out.  Must order a minimum of 5 buckets for free deliver or $25 additional.

60 lbs $11 = 18 cents a pound (cheaper as less equipment / fuel is needed) 

Limited up to 25 buckets per trip


We will dump (not wheelbarrow) in area accessible by dump trailer & truck. 

Maximum (per drop)     5000 lbs $950   = 19 cent a pound

                                           4000 lbs $800 = 20 cents a pound

                                           3000 lbs $700  = 23 cents a pound

                                           2000 lbs $500   = 25 cent a pound

                                           1000  lbs $300   = 30 cents a pound

* $100 off for each additional load per day.  

Hours of Delivery 8 am - 3 pm M-F

After hours or Saturdays need 72 advance notice 

Sundays is additional $250 fee day only 1 load is available.  


Homemade Crack Fill, combination of MAC 52 / SSH! / Sand / & Time.   $25.00 for a (used) 5 gallon bucket.  If you supply or trade out a 5 gallon bucket with lid, then it's only $20.  $1 off a bucket for an order more than 10 at a time.  limited 25 buckets per trip. minimum of 5 buckets for free delivery or $25 additional fee

Must pre-order crack fill.  Takes about a week to make.