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Asphalt Overlay or New Construction

Asphalt is much cheaper than concrete, but asphalt needs more maintenance than concrete.   Keep that in mind when determining what you want.   The cost of Asphalt decreases by how big the project is, where concrete is a set price, no breaks.  With asphalt the cost could be as low as $2 - 8 a sq foot.    It all depends on the project & product.  Asphalt Overlays can go over any type of surface other than just existing asphalt, such as concrete or brick.  Both provide a good foundation for the asphalt to hold up for many years. 

 Hot Asphalt is the most economical material it's not the most relivable.  Hot asphalt has limits to when this product can be applied, and has strict restrictions giving the operators only a few hours to apply this product.  Therefor if applied in temps less than 85 degrees the product seems to fail just a few years down the line.  

Another product of asphalt called Ez-Street in a cold and can be applied anytime of the year in any weather condition.  Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) , uses this product on our local streets and highways all throughout the year.  Ez-Street asphalt is a lot more experience but is also guarantee to be a permanent repair.  Where as hot asphalt is not.   Ez-street has an extremely high shelf life giving the operators plenty of time to apply the product.  This product is primarily used for pot hole repairs and small overlays, only because of the cost. It can be used for driveway construction.  The only down fall to this product is that you can not park any vehicle or heavy object over the driveway for periods longer than 72 hours.  The elasticity that helps prevent cracks will cause the tires or heavy objects to sink.  It will not be much but you will see the dents after removing these items.  Now parking a few days, your not going to see anything.  Ideally if you have a garage or street parking.  It will eventual get hard enough where this will not accrue, when the asphalt is fully cured, which could take up to 12 months. 

Cost for Hot is more expensive than that of cold, even though cold is more expensive than hot asphalt per ton.  Hot asphalt requires a lot more equipment and a crew of 5-6 people working in the hottest conditions.   Were as ez-street asphalt it only needs a minimum crew of 2, but 1 person could do it all & limited equipment is needed.  

$3 sq foot for Cold Asphalt

$4 sq foot for hot Asphalt

$2 more on new construction

Jobs over 5000 sq ft 10% discount

Small Jobs require a minimum of $1600

We have a 5 year limited warranty on all our new construction, over lay, and pot hole repairs.  The manufacturer my have additional warranties that can be applied to the job.  All our warranties do require a seal coat from us with in the first year of construction.  

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SEAL COATING: WITH MAC 52, MICRO-PAVE (pick a color), 

TYPES OF SEALER                     COST PER SQ FT                         WARRANTY IN YEARS

Mac 52                                        15 CENTS                                     1

SLURRY                                       20 CENTS                                     2

RUBBERIZED                              30  CENTS                                     3

GEL TECH                                    40 CENTS                                     4

COLOR-ACRYLIC                          50 CENTS                                     5

* Add 15 cents for poor condition asphalt.  

* Jobs that are sprayed, and are over 20.000 sq feet, There is a 5 cents savings per sqft

All warrants are limited and understood as under normal residential traffic.  For commercial subtract 20% of time of warranty. That Rock Salt will void any warranty. 


* Power Washing is not included.  Sometimes this is a good idea especial just after winter in the spring.  To wash away any left over salt that has broken down.  Salt that has turn into a chemical form and is soaked into the asphalt especial around cracks can turn new asphalt sealers white.  There is nothing that can be done except remove the section.  Sometimes power washing will help, but is not guarantee to work.  Even if you do not use rock salt in the winter, the street department dose and can be transferred to your driveway. 

** Never every use rock salt on our driveway, sidewalks or patios.  Rock Salt will cause damages leading to major and costly repairs.   HEAT chemical salt, is a good alternative sold just about everywhere. 

Can you Change the Color of You Asphalt Driveway?

Asphalt & Concrete Temperatures in the summer can raise as must as 140 degrees on our hotties days.  Coloring the surfaces with a acrylic seal coats with colors like tan, white, even green can reduce the heat by 20 degrees cooler.  Solar Refletivity Keeps Pavement Cool

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Liquid Asphalt, a product patent protected by Vets Driveway Co LLC.  This product blend with multiply compounds to filling in major cracked driveways. It's an alternative as it is more economical fix, comparable to an overlay or new construction.   Savings is over 50 %.  The product is not a permanent repair.  The product needs to be sealed every year to protect the liquid asphalt form be exposed.  Most customer can not follow this rule, and only recommend this product to committed customers willing to follow this instruction. 

Driveway Grit-Solid, another product patent protected by Vets Driveway Co LLC. This product is process is unique as you will never have to seal coat your driveway again.  Not saying that you can't, but this product is a coat that goes over your asphalt driveway.  Currently we only use a black sand (grit) that is adhered to your driveway that will improve the look and traction significantly.  This product economical comparable to overlay or new construction.  

Alternative                     Cost per Sq Foot                    Limited Warranty

Liquid Asphalt                $1.00                                       5 years

Driveway Grit-Solid       $2.00                                       5 years

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