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The price range for new concrete construction is $5.75 - $12.00. The cost depends on many factors such as...

Is rock already in place?

Removal of the old driveway?

Removal and disposal of earth?

Does rock need to be brought in and compacted?  

Do drainage systems need to be added?  

Adding curbing or sidewalk to the driveway? 

Is there extra Bobcat work or larger equipment needed?

Is a Concrete Pump is needed to reach the job-site?

We also do other concrete work such as stamped and exposed aggregate.  Click here to see more photos 

Concrete is normal done with Ready Mix local company.  Now small jobs will be done by bags from Home Depot or local box store.  Concrete can take up to 14 days to cure in the summer, and entire month or longer in colder months.  Concrete that is build above ground level it's the customer responsibility to cover edges with Top Soil.  If there is extra dirt left over we will do it, but even then the dirt will sink and it is up to you to add more dirt.  Reason why dirt needs to be placed along the sides, is that not all the concrete will be smooth and some aggregate maybe exposed.  The dirt will hide this from view. 
No need to worry if this is the case, the slab is still is good condition.  

Normal after all the concrete is poured and finished the job is complete.  Removing boards is not a part of completion.  Most of the time boards are removed the same day, unless the mix isn't drying as fast, due to weather.   If we are behind and you want to remove boards you can after 48 hours.  Just leave them to the side and we will be by to pick them up.    

RESURFACE STARTING @ $3.00/sqft             1000+ sqft starts @ $2.00/sqft


Patios, retaining walls, and concrete driveways will need to be thoroughly maintained. First, the surface will be power washed and repaired for cracks or openings. Then, a gloss or clear sealant will be applied. We prefer the method of paint rolling and to apply during the warmer months. The job will most likely by completed within 1 day.


$0.10/sqft Power Wash

$0.50/linear ft Calking Joints (1/2 inch wide)

$0.75/linear ft Calking Cracks (1 inch wide)

$1.00/sqft Acrylic Clear Coat Sealant

$1.05/sqft Acrylic Gloss Coat Sealant

$0.75/sq ft Water-Base Clear Coat Sealant

*2ND COAT AT 80%*

Basement foundation
There are two options.  Apply an epoxy over the crack or injecting a polyurethane into the crack.  10 year limited warranty with the use of Sikadur products.